Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updates from Guangzhou! Wed Morning

Sorry for the lack of posts. 


It seems that as we get less busy it is harder to post!?!?  There is the occasional work to try to get on the computer because someone else wants to read email, compose posts or sort through pictures.  Also, it seems when we are in the room we are either trying to get Jacob to sleep or get him up for the next event.  No more excuses! 



Key  health updates:


Thanks for the prayers.  Rachel is feeling better.  We waited about 24 hours, then decided to give her the Cipro and we don’t know if it was the Cipro, the yogurt or time, but she is able to go out and about and seems to be much better.  She has eaten many things that Jen or I haven’t so it was hard to pin down what was the culprit.  However, I would recommend if you go to Lucy’s that you eat things well done and not get any of the items with fresh veggies (lettuce/tomato etc)….not sure but the club sandwich there is one of the likely culprits…Many of us ate at the Tai place and no one else was sick so I think that is out.   Again, not sure.


Jacob:  No fever and the only thing still going is a cough that is pretty productive, it has not gone away despite the course of antibiotics (at least we think they were antibiotics?)   Anyway, as far as we can tell he is good to travel.  We believe the second fever spike was likely due to the shot series.  A bunch of the kids were down hard for about 36 hours post shots.  He is jumping around, playing tickle, laughing, and doing all the things that adventurous 3 year olds do.  Once again we unplugged the bedside phone to keep him from calling out and have to tell him no a million times to keep him from pushing the buttons on the james bond style night stand.  For some reason all of the hotels that we have stayed at have these buttons on the night stand that control everything in the room.  Once he figured out that he could push those buttons and turn on and off the lights, tv, etc the game was on.  Now the game is to wake up and push the buttons in the middle of the night.  Bottom line is that he appears to be fine now. 



Adoption updates:


Summary:  So far so good.




As far as the Chinese government is concerned we are done, and have been for a few days.  We are now in the part of the process where we wait for the US government.  We finished all of the health aspects and today our guide/rep from CCAI took our paperwork to the consulate.  So we are told to wait in our room from 10:30 till we are called and told that our paperwork is good to go.  One of the families in our group has already had a bit of an issue due to multiple moves during the process (he is in the military).  So far, we have not heard anything and we believe that all of our stuff is good to go.  There have been other folks in our group who have had problems because they did not initially say in the body of their homestudy that they were open to older children or special needs.   We believe that that has all been ironed out, but the process seems somewhat opaque to me so I sit in the room waiting for the call.   


Travel updates:


Since we arrived in Guangzhou we have toured a Buddhist temple, the Chen house, and gone on a night time cruise up and down the Pearl River.  We waived off on the trip to the pearl market because we had no desire for pearl doodles (or dollars to spend on said named doodles).  We have spent time shopping on the island for friends and family, but haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Guangzhou city shopping…or as Jen would say shop-ING!  This is probably because Ric has about a 40-50 minute tolerance for shop-ING before his eyes roll back in his head, his mouth starts foaming and he starts resembling Linda Blair…not to mention keeping 3 year old hands off of all manner of breakable trinkets and doodles.


So far we have tried the Subway, the Tai restaurant (name?...it is the only one on the island), Lucys, The Deli Shop (which is a funny name for a place that doesn’t provide any real deli sandwiches), the Starbucks ( an iced mocha latte was a real treat no matter how girly of a drink it may be).

We walked to the Italian place, but got there to early in the evening.  (The open at 5:30).


Anyway…we just got the call…Our paperwork is all good to go.   We need to sign the hague paperwork at 1245 then the tomorrow take the oath.


All for now.


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Michele and Dan said...

Yes, watch out for the lettuce, etc. on the sandwiches at Lucy's! It got me our first trip. And be careful of the iced drinks at Starbuck's! Glad to hear your paperwork went through.

Know what you mean about the buttons ... one of the first English phrases Jack learned was "no touch" ha ha!