Friday, July 10, 2009

At the Physical

We got in to the White Swan at 0400 and by the time we had the roll away and the toddler bed brought up it was 0440. Set the wake up call for 0930.

Breakfast was good as we scrambled to meet the group at 1045. The clinic is only open in the morning, so we got visa photos. I guess no one here has ever heard of digital photography because we keep going to photo shops to get pictures. It may not be the best day for me to make constructive comments because I have really begun to hate the paper work and the crazy process of doing one thing a day.

Well we are now sitting in the clinic waiting to go have jacob weighed, measured, prodded, TB tested and immunized to the tune of 2300 RMB. There are at least two Thompson men who are not having a good time with this today.

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