Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photos that didn't make it through the first time

Yesterday wasn’t all that eventful.  We toured Guangzhou and even learned a little Cantonese (that I promptly forgot).  Guangzhou has always been Guangzhou, but the English used to call it Canton so the 3 letter code for the airport is still CAN.  Anyway, since we can now see the older posts and figure out what photo’s didn’t make it through we thought we would put those up….we will later blog about yesterday and put those photos up.  Including the one with my not so technically great handstand.  (Hey..I was nervous, you think that sweat was all from the backpack and 100 degree heat?)



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Jessica said...

I finally caught up with the blog!! I know you guys are so ready to be home...sounds like it has been exhausting! Jacob looks precious and I know he will love his new family!