Friday, July 17, 2009

Hong Kong- On the way Home

We spent the night in the Marriot Airport Hotel in Hong Kong. Under different circumstances we would have pushed to tour the island, but Jacob was due for a nap so we spent the afternoon napping, in the gym and in the pool. Our room had an awesome view over the South China Sea! It is truly beautiful here and I wish we had a chance to see it.

Note to fellow travellers. If you are just laying over in HK you probably don't need to change USD (dollars) to HKD. However, in an effort to use the cash we had set aside I paid cash for the room. The bad news is that the exchange rate that they used was 7.1 and I think that the peg is around 7.6 so I got ripped off. Bottom line is that you are better off to use the credit card.

Also nothing but great things to say about the Northwest Airlines service. A uniformed Customer Service Agent met us at the self service check in kiosk...understood that we were an adoption and held our hands through the check in. thing that the Chinese folks we have dealt with understand is customer service. Many US companies could learn a lot from being here.

Well, all for now...we board the flight for the way home. Layover in Narita. I will post there hopefully.


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