Friday, July 10, 2009

Back in the Room at the White Swan...yea!

So we are now back in the room.  It is about 1:00pm.  Jacob fell asleep about the second we got back.  That is a true blessing.  He got at least 6 shots and a TB test while Ric and 2 Nurses held him down.  Daddy kept telling him that the nurses were bad and Daddy was good…I don’t think he was buying it.  Anyway, I think I am going to take a nap while Jacob does. 


The girls are off to explore the hotel.  Rachel is really into exploring and trying everything….She is probably the most adventurous of the group. 


Later we get to spend an hour and a half working on visa paperwork…(Which I thought we already worked on…shows what I know).   I don’t know why we couldn’t have done this stuff already when we were sitting around somewhere else.  They tell you to be patient and have a sense of humor but the Hague process has really made it difficult and tedious.  The non-Hague families were out of the clinic in about half the time, and without the shots.  Another observation that one of the group travelers made was that when they came the last time there were tons of folks with baby’s and you had to wait to sit down at breakfast.  There was plenty of room this morning and it seems that we have only seen special needs kids and not a whole lot of them.  I don’t know if this is because the process has become tougher, or if it is a result of the economy or what, but it appears from anecdotal evidence that the rate of adoptions is down.


Anyway…trying to keep you all up to date…off to nap.  Hope to post some pictures later.


(note to the McBrydes…if your computer laptop has a 3 prong electric cord instead of 2 you need to check your adapter…I could plug my 3 prong cord from the laptop into most of the sockets, but not at the White Swan…The adapter we have only has the 2 prong type of holes (no ground). Remind me when we talk).


Thanks for your prayers. 


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