Sunday, April 11, 2010


What a glorious day Easter was! We spent the morning worshiping with our church family and the afternoon with Papa and Sasha. Once again it was a joy to experience our first Easter with Jacob. He talks about Jesus and even begins his prayers with "God, our Father", but today he expressed that Jesus went up into the sky and "he went "pop" ..... bubble". We have been playing with bubbles a lot lately, but I am not sure how Jesus got put into that thought pattern.
Believe it or not, the kids braved the cold water and just couldn't help themselves to the first dip in the pool for 2010! They did not turn blue and jumped in again this Sunday. I am waiting until the temperature reaches about 90!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Friday Photos

More Friday Photos

Friday Happenings

We have had the pleasure of getting together with our friends the McBryde family on Friday afternoons for some shared homeschooling, parties, field trips and play time. The kids have made models of Solomon's temple, bread, cookies (Purim party), and we have gone to Callaway Gardens.

Afternoons at CrossFit


Over a year ago, Ric could not stop talking about CrossFit. I tried to ignore him, but finally asked him to show me what it was all about. Fast forward and we now own a CrossFit gym here in Peachtree City and I recently spent a weekend completing a Level One Certification. We hope to start up a CrossFit Kids program so we are experimenting on our crew. Jacob is quiet the gymnast - he can almost do a one hand cartwheel!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 months and counting!

We have had our 6 month post adoption visit with our social worker. It seems that time has flown by in some respects and in others it has been a long journey. Jacob continues to adjust to being part of the family and learning just what that means for him. He is very independent and has a "bossy" streak. He has no chance of being bossy in this house with four older siblings! I pray that he will enjoy all the benefits of being the "Baby" of the family.

More Snow Photos

Snow Photos

Friday, February 12, 2010


We have been expecting snow today and the kids have been really excited. Jacob and I were sitting at the table and he announced that it was raining. I looked out the window to see the first snow flurries and shouted to the kids that it was snowing. When Jacob heard their cheers and excitement he stood up on the chair, lifted his hands high, threw back his head and shouted, "Yea! We did it!!!"

Monday, January 11, 2010