Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos from Notary Day..

Sorry for the lack of captions...this is like driving with your eyes closed.

Photos include:

Guys making noodles.
Lotus Center.
Mommy and Jacob with an inchworm
The adult exercise park
Whack a mole- China style
Being a celebrity at the park
Virtuosity on the parallel bars at the adult exercise park
Sights from the road to Jiaozuo (sometimes two words sometimes one)
Rachel and her friends from the Gill family
The notary office and its workers (we traveled 1.5 hours each way for
In the hotel room...going crazy.
The river walk park.

1 comment:

Steve F. said...

Can the elderly gentleman say: "Crossfit China?"

Neat pictures. Everything seems very clean except the air is a bit 'foggy'. Have yet to see a picture of rachel with anything but a glad she got to go.

looks like Jacob is becoming more comfortable all along.