Friday, August 21, 2009

Our First Family Photo!

Here is our first family photo! I know- it took a long time. We went to Line Creek and used the timer on the camera. So you know what that means? Yes, Jen pushes the button and runs to her place. 3-4 times this happens and the family get a big kick out of seeing Mommy run back and forth. Anyway, we did not get any great photos - but it is hard to get 7 people smiling and looking in the same direction.


Michele and Dan said...

I think these photos turned out great! I especially like the top one with Luke looking up at his dad. And Jen, you can't tell that you had run back for the photo - good job! :0)

Sarah said...

Hi Jen,
Sarah here form your travel group! I have been terrible at keeping up with everyone's blogs since we got home! I met a woman who had your blog address on her blog at a local playgroup here in CO (small world!!) and thought I'd send you a note.
Your family pic is beautiful!! So glad to hear Jacob is doing so well. All is great here. China seems so long ago, it's crazy really. Take care~
lucky momma to Ruby