Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Count your blessings!

There are so many things to be thankful for! All the preparations that I did- reading lots of adoption books - had me all set for a variety of possible things we might face adopting a toddler from another country. I think Jacob may have some issues with how much food he eats (he doesn't seem to know when to quit), but he will try ANYTHING and seems to enjoy just about EVERYTHING! His eating is a blessing. Jacob's coping method seems to be LAUGHTER. He tries to laugh his way out of things. His laughter is a blessing. Now, Jacob is three years old and with the age comes the tantrums. He can pitch a fit (esp. when you take him out of the pool and he is not ready to go) like any other three year old. He has a good set of lungs and can hit that level of intensity that pierces you to the bone - BUT - like most kids, he gets over it and is smiling 5 minutes later. That is a blessing. Jacob is now getting to sleep on his own w/o me in the room. He accepts nap time and bedtime w/o much whine. That is a blessing. Jacob is brave! The other day I saw him give our big dog Sandy a kiss on the head. I watched him swim around the pool (with is tube swim suit on) yesterday with not a care in the world. He experimented with jumping into MaMa's arms and pushing off the side with his legs. I also watched him explore the backyard all alone this morning. His bravery is a blessing. Jacob seems to know what prayer is and enjoys our time of praying before dinner and evening prayers. I have observed him eagerly hold family members hands, keep his eyes closed (I peeked ), and say a hearty AMEN. That is a blessing. Jacob demands attention throughout the day and seeks interaction with the family. He often chooses to play the "kissing game". He comes up to someone and kisses them and expects a kiss back. Sometimes it is a quite sit on your lap game or it can be a "chase me" game. We are so blessed that Jacob accepts affection and willing gives it to all of the family. That is such a blessing. How bless we are by our new son. Praise to God the Father for all his many blessings!!!

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Nicole said...

This is so wonderful to hear! Glad things are going well!
waiting for Holly at PHF