Friday, March 27, 2009


One of my yahoo group friends is in China now spending a few days at PHF where her daughter spent the first few months of her life. She and her family were able to interact with Jacob! How cool is it that God blesses us over and over with tidbits of information about our son?! In the midst of waiting for our LOA, dealing with the flu, and saying goodbye to our best friends, God sends these beautiful rays of sunshine! Praise HIm!
Here are some pictures of your boy. He is very friendly and loves to get his picture taken and to see it. During a movie yesterday all of the kids were sitting to watch so I sat down kind of on the side to take pictures and he decided he wasn't having anything to do with the movie and sat in my lap to look on my screen and announce to the nannies who I was taking the pictures of. Very precious. A happy little boy who loves affection and has a great laugh. First day he wasn't so sure about me taking pictures and didn't offer many smiles but can't capture how great his laughing was on the second day!"

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