Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cute - don't you think?

He is so cute, I can hardly stand it! Don't you feel that way about your kids sometimes? There are moments that I just want to kiss their cheeks off, squeeze them till they pop, and tickle them till there is no tomorrow!!! Well, I haven't even met Jacob yet and these photos make me feel that way about my son.


Eric and Tiffany said...

He is beautiful! I know what you mean I can't wait to get Levi and squeeze his cute little cheeks. It is amazing how much love you can have for your child when you have not even met them yet, but they feel like they have been in your life for so long. Totally a God thing.. When do you think your LOA will come?

Eric and Tiffany said...

yes hoping for that 90 day mark sooner would be nice. It stinks to miss their birthday's but I just say it will be his last one without us. No we have not started packing yet. I still need to go buy Levi more clothes to take with us, but I am waiting on final measurements so I can buy the right size etc. Have you started packing? You are almost there. I don't know why it has to take so long. While they just sit there and wait. Does he know that he is being adopted?

Nicole said...

Loved these pics! Our little girl "Holly" is in a couple with your son! I love getting pics!

Eric and Tiffany said...

Yes I am praying we are sharing news together soon... Come on LOA's we are going to buy a few more things for him here, but will probably buy some stuff in China as well I have been told to pack light. What agencies were they? and do you know if their dossiers were in china before match or after. Ours was after match and I am seeing that it takes longer for some reason if you got matched before dossier to china don't know why but it does. just wondering it is hard to get an idea when people are going because most people get loa really fast when dossier is already there.