Saturday, January 9, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

It has been a joyous holiday season for the Thompson family. How blessed we were to introduce our new son to the beauty of God's gift, Jesus, God incarnate and the celebration of His birth. Jacob decorated the Christmas tree with enthusiasm, baked cookies, ate cookies, read our Advent book, learned Christmas caroles, went to Christmas piano and dance recitles, opened presents, did Christmas shopping, went to parties, and witnessed his first wedding and reception. It is hard to believe that Jacob has been part of the family for almost 6 months! Our home is becoming a peaceful place to live again and I am amazed at God's provision. We prayed a lot for God's help to have servant hearts and the ability to heap God's grace upon one another. I have witnessed my daughters love their new brother and care for him with nurturing attitudes. Big brother Luke has gone from being the baby of the family to the position of Big brother. He exhibits care for Jacob that I had never seen before. Don't get me wrong, we have had our share of fights, hurt feelings, lost tempers, and grouchy attitudes! We are a family full of sinners that rest in the work of Christ.
I have to share that Jacob has been going to physical and occupational therapy once a week. He is working on more range of movement, mobility, and strength. We are SUPPOSED to do functional activities at home (b/c once a week therapy is not going to do too much), but I am finding it difficult to remember to to all the things they would like us to do. Lucky for me, Jacob is active and already strong. He doesn't let anything hold him back.
I think we have finally identified that Jacob has some sort of lactose intolerance. We have cut out milk products and his "tummy" doesn't seem to hurt as often.
I am amazed to have witnessed the process of learning a new language when one is three years old. At this point, Jacob seems to understand most of what we say and his language is mixture of expressing himself fairly well and "three-year-old speak".
Enjoy the photos of the last few months!!

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