Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Updated Measurements

Our agency sent updated measurements of Jacob today. He now has 20 teeth, has grown to 94cm = 37in and he is 14kg = about 31 lbs. From what I have seen, they weight the kids with their clothes on so I guess he will be a little lighter. We were measuring against Luke and he doesn't seem much smaller than than him! The latest paperwork news is that the National Visa Center sent our 1-800 provisional approval to China yesterday. One more tiny step taken.

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Eric and Tiffany said...

Cool glad to hear your stuff has been sent. So you second acceptance letter has been signed great news! Ours was sent on Friday so we are neck and neck. My guess is we will travel together. I am thinking we could see TA as early as next week I am still being told that we will stay in the 6-9 week range for travel so last week of May is 6 weeks so we should travel soon at this point we just wait and pray that it will hurry up right. We are so ready to go as I know you are too. Have you bought your gifts yet? I tried to go today and Bath and Body works were all sold out of the mini's and the big ones are way to expensive so I am going to check back there soon. I am also going to check a few more stores. I was going to put a few mini's in the bags. Let me know if you hear anything on TA and I will do the same.