Friday, April 24, 2009

I-800 Documents Sent!

We got word today that our 1-800 documents were sent to NBC and now we are waiting for “I-800 Provisional Approval". It is almost funny how much paperwork (most of it just reiterating what they already know) this entails. Our visas are at the consulate right now and we should have them back next week sometime. We are in the process of working on a visa for Jacob to come home. That is the update on our paperwork. I know - not too interesting, but it is nice to have things to do that make you feel like things are moving along. I think the next few weeks are gonna fly by. We are trying to finish up the school year, paint Luke and Jacob's room, go to the doctors, and start packing.

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Eric and Tiffany said...

Thank you. We were so happy to get some wonderful news. Oh yes all paperwork done I sent it back all the next day. We got our I 800 approval already. Now I hope the consulate hurry's and signs it so we can get our TA. right. I agree these next few weeks are going to fly by I can't wait :) I know you feel the same way we will have our boys home before we know it. Enjoy the weekend.