Friday, September 5, 2008

Introducing our Son Fu Jiang Ling!

We received PA (Pre Approval) today for Fu Jiang Ling!  We got an unexpected referral call the night of August 15.  We hopped on the computer to retrieve his file. We spent the weekend reviewing his file and decided to pursue adopting him.  There were not many questions and Ric and I seemed to be quiet at peace with the decision.  It has been an exciting few weeks.  We sent in our LOI (Letter of Intent) on Aug.  and received updated medical information. I know I always present an "unfazed", perhaps unexcited demeanor, but believe me I have been bursting at the seams!  It felt just like learning that you are pregnant.  You want to share with everyone and yet have some hesitation due to the whole complicated international adoption process.  His pictures have been posted up around the house and everyone in the family is in love with him.  It is really precious to hear 4 year old Luke say, "I just love Fu Jiang Ling".  We are all "over the moon" about him!  We ask that  you share in our good news and praise God for this tremendous blessing!

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Michele and Dan said...

It is very much like a pregnancy - sometimes a very long one, though! :0) I'm convinced the red tape and paperwork sre the equivalent of labor pains!
:0) Michele